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We’re Aaron & Victor

Just a few years ago, our lives looked very different. Victor was struggling with more than $50k of credit card debt, while Aaron spent every day in a suit selling womens’ shoes (which frankly, he couldn’t care less about). We both felt a deep dissonance between the jobs we had and the lives we wanted. Our situations weren’t sustainable, so we committed to aligning our careers to our higher purpose—and everything changed.

Victor became a six-figure awakening coach in just six months, and Aaron built a Youtube following of more than 360k in less than two years. We’ve since created a business that generates over $40k per month online, and have reached and helped thousands of like-minded people around the world. 

In the past year alone, we’ve quadrupled our audience, income, and impact. Most importantly, we’ve regained our freedom: we do what we want, where we want and have the time and abundance to foster high-vibrational, heart-centered lifestyles.

- Aaron & Victor

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